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I am Michael T. Martinez, and I am a nerd (in case you couldn't tell by the picture).  But let's not focus on that part...  Okay, let's focus on it very briefly: my favorite doctor is Matt Smith, my favorite captain is Jean-Luc Picard, and nothing beats the original trilogy (not that I believe a "bad" Star Wars film to exist, just ones that aren't as good as the others.)

Now, a little about me, beyond being a nerd.  I was born in Cleveland, OH, on an autumn day in the year The Princess Bride (film version) was released.  I don't care if you know my age, but you're going to have to do some work for it.  I now live in Upstate New York.  My father was a Catholic and my mother is a Jew, which makes me a Cashew (that's right, I'm a nut!)  I am an active member at Temple Israel, my local Conservative synagogue, where I daven frequently and had served as a member of the Board of Trustees for one year, and continue to serve on the Ritual Committee.  I am also the Scoutmaster at the Boy Scout Troop I grew up in and received my Eagle Scout Award through.  I do not fit neatly into any of the major political parties in the United States, and my friends know I'm not afraid to speak up when a leader from any political party acts in a way I find repulsive (nor am I hesitant to give credit to a leader who does something I admire, regardless of which political party they are from).

I am a fairly private person.  I do not mind sharing my religious and political views, and I do not mind honest and respectful debate in response to them.  But I don't particularly care for people I don't know to know the finer details of my life.  How I live, though, can be summed up by the following:
"A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent." --The Scout Law

"For I desire lovingkindness over sacrifice, and devotion to the Lord over burnt offerings." --Hosea 6:6


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