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So far, Michael T. Martinez has two Poetry/Short Story books published and two novels.

They are available online, and through most major booksellers.


Happy's House: The Diary of Benjamin Smith

ISBN-13:  978-1329933064

A sixth grader whose life is plagued by poverty and bullies meets a girl who is actually (to his surprise) kind to him. The two sixth graders go on adventures in the woods, soon finding a house that will change their lives more than they could have ever guessed. . .

Out Task

ISBN-13:  978-1387241576

In this sequel to "Happy's House: The Diary of Benjamin Smith", the Knowing Killer that haunted Benjamin and Ginger comes back in force when their daughter's friend Lily discovers Benjamin's old diary. A story about love and hardship, and about overcoming difficulties, this novel by Michael T. Martinez is sure to bring smiles, tears, and also fears. . .


Windows to Minds

ISBN-13:  978-1312481930​

In Windows to Minds, Martinez masterfully uses free form poetry to present perspectives of life that range from pleasantly endearing to shockingly confrontational. He invites readers to open their minds and consider his perspectives, while ultimately challenging them to think for themselves and not take anything he or anyone else says for granted.


The Path of Life

ISBN-13:  978-1329966123

This is the second edition of Martinez's first book. It contains most of the poems and short stories from the first edition, which received excellent feedback from a variety of readers, plus over twenty pages of material that was not in the first edition.

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Sing a New Song

ISBN-13:  978-0359887224

Sing a New Song is Martinez's fifth book, and his third to be centered around poetry.  In this collection, the poems alternate between works inspired by (but not based off of or translated from) psalms, and original poems straight from the mind of Michael T. Martinez.

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